last orders...

Am processing all orders received today for my postal run tomorrow.
I will be away for a mini break from March 24th and will be back on the 29th of March. Please feel free to browse my website and visit my bears while I'm away. I will be working right up till the 23rd and any items with payments received and cleared BEFORE 12.00 noon EST on Mar 23rd will be processed and shipped on that same day. Any items with payments received AFTER that will be processed and shipped on the 30th.

As mentioned earlier, I will be taking my laptop with me and will try to log in as often as possible however, there may be limited internet access so please pardon me if I don't reply to your emails promptly. If that should happen, I will log on and check my mail as soon as I return home. I'll be back before you know! :D


  1. enjoy your well deserved break! =)

  2. Lovely blog! and safe travels!

    Suzanne Urban


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