tis was a nice break

Thank you for your welcome back emails!! I had a good rest and am all inspired again for some new designs which I can't wait to start making. Thank you for your patience, all the items purchased while I was away have now been processed and sent.
Here are some photos of my trip away, hope you enjoy them :D

A nice welcome from a little Echidna walking along the road when we arrived.

Smart little cookie pulls over to let the cars pass! tee hee

our cabin ~ no internet, no tv, no phone...just a nice open fire to entertain us :D

walks around the lake..

enjoying the fauna and flora along the way...

Mr. Wombat too busy eating to allow us to take photo of his beautiful face.

Wallabies bidding us farewell...


  1. I'm a bit jealous of the lovely animals you have there. I've only seen wallabies in zoos. In fact I didn't know what echidnas were at all! I guess I don't know what a wombat really is either. but anyways, nature is so cute sometimes! what a lovely place to escape from modern life :)

  2. I wish Tasmania wasn't so far away... it looks gorgeous!


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