it's raining again

It's been raining all week and I've been staying indoors to keep warm and I sit by my window and make my little bear...
I've just finished this little girl and took a picture of her looking out the window like I do..waiting for the rain to subside so that I can go to the post office to make my last postal run before the weekend.
This picture really depicts my mood the rain and cold has was enjoyable for the first few days but this weather is starting to get me wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't soooooo cold!!! brrrrrrrr


  1. What a sweet lovable bear!!!!! I love the sad expression, or is it wistful? he he!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Hi Jenny, this little bear is so adorable. I love your designs, thank you for my award.. I too am a capricorn! I shall get thinking on it x


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