Durian cream puffs

durian-choux by you.
okay, not quite the croquembouche I'd wanted to make but I think this was a great recipe for someone like me who's never made choux pastry before. I've loved cream puffs ever since I first tasted them in Japan and although we have chocolate coated, custard filled profiteroles in Australia, nothing beats the cream puffs from Japan! Every visit to Japan always ends up with me eating 1/2 dozen cream puffs on the bed in the hotel room after my long day of sightseeing and of course a few kg heavier! lol

I was thrilled when the Japanese franchise Beard Papa opened up in Melbourne city however although the cream puffs are pretty good, I was a little disappointed because it's not as yummy as what you get in Japan...maybe it's the ingredients used, the milk there does taste different and nicer over there.

Why haven't I made cream puffs before? The thought of it was very daunting and I didn't want to destroy my love of cream puffs with my disastrous attempt of creating perfection for myself!
Why now? A greedy appetite knows no fear! LOL

If you like try my cream puffs with Durian and cream filling, the recipe is here. Hope you like it!


  1. Gosh this I will try when I get my own oven! I love beared papa and ate it just last sunday but it did not taste as the one I tasted last time. It was pretty expensive too.. will you make egg tart soon? =D i want egg tart together with this puff!!!! =D yummy~


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