HELLO!!! My name is Jenny and I'm a jennylovesbenny bear. My mummy is Jenny Lee!
I'm usually a good girl and I don't ask for much but I really really wanted my own Facebook page and pleaded and pleaded for mummy to give me one and she finally said yes! YIPPEE..
Mummy often wonders about what happens to my siblings once they've gone to live with their new families and she gets so excited when she receives photos and emails from new parents.

She also gets really excited when receiving photos from new mums and dads who created their own jlb bears so we decided we would create a "jennylovesbenny's bear family" group.

This group is created for ALL my siblings and their mummies and daddies! This gives me a chance to meet my older siblings and keep in touch with my younger ones. I hope it will be a happy place for everyone to share their twitter, photos/videos, adventures, travels and to meet the other JLB siblings who have found homes all over the world!
It's also open to everyone, all are welcome to join in the fun! :D

Here is my facebook account, I'll love to be your fb friend:
Here is the jennylovesbenny's bear family group:

The group is still new ( less than 24 hours ) and mummy and me are still updating it so bear with us for now! There's already some JLB mums there already!! This is so exciting!!! :D


  1. Jenny is too cute for words and sounds like a real "mummy's girl".

  2. Dear Jenny!

    please come and visit my blog - i want to give you an award! :o)

    have a nice day!


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