a lovely day for crafting...

It's Friday again..my favourite day of the week which always seems to end so quickly for me and it's also raining again which makes it a lovely day to stay in, listen to the rain drops and sew.
This kind of weather makes me a little lethargic and so I decided to give myself a little break from the hectic week of chickadee making and do a little crafting instead. This is a big old jar I didn't want to throw out so kept it to hold my stainless steel shots. It has been sitting on my work desk for weeks and have been wanting to decorate it for a while and today was the perfect day to do just that!! :D

Although I like to recycle things, I also like them looking pretty...especially if I have to look at it all the time..pretty things inspires my creativity! hehe

At the very least, I wanted to decorate the lid but wanted it be functional too...I don't like to waste and everything has to have a purpose in my home, therefore, since I tend to run out of room to hold my pins on my other pin cushion created from my old recycled tea set, it only made sense to turn this into a BIG pin cushion....

Ta daaaaaa!! With my new eye candy, I can get just a little more inspiration each day.

If you have jars and thought of throwing them away...just stop and think what you can create on a peaceful raining day! Hope you have a great weekend coming up :D