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You've probably heard Melbourne is a city with four seasons but Summer is definitely here and we're getting some serious hot summer days. Today is one of them, currently at 37 degrees. Thankfully the JLB studio is well insulated and my bears are not shedding their fur!

After all the eating, partying then lazing around, I finally got myself together and completed another little girl. Please meet my new girly bear "Summer"! She's just a little sad not being able to go outside to play with her little friends due to the scorching heat but she's mightly glad to be keeping cool inside...and I did promise her ice-cream to keep her happy! :D

Summer is now looking for a new home and for more photos and adoption details, please visit my website or click here. Now I can relax a bit and get ready for NYE!!! Have a safe and Happy New Year Everyone!!! :D


  1. Hey Jenny! cant believe the heat there =O it's still snowing here! Summer is beautiful, she couldn't be anything less :o) the pinky blush on her cheeks is lovely.

    I love visiting your Blog, especially on days like today, makes me feel all warm and cosy - thankyou!

    I hope you're looking forward to the new year :o)

  2. Your little animals are so adorable, I'm following your blog now because I love them so much. Hope you have a wonderful new year!


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