*:: Sayumi ::*

Please meet my latest Jenny Bear Aka "Sayumi"!! She's very cute in this cutesy pillowcase dress. I've loved this fabric ever since I saw it and I think she looks very playful in it...almost Christmassy too! :D

Sayumi is now living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. has just been listed on my website and she's now ready for a new home. For more photos and adoption, please click here.


  1. Oh, Jenny!! Sayumi, like all of your wonderful creations, is an absolute cutie-pie! I so enjoy your work and your blog, and I also appreciate your generous help. So I I've given you an award. It's just waiting for you at my blog. Don't feel obligated to post 7 things about yourself, I know it'a a busy time of year. But I do hope you drop by and pick it up--you deserve it.
    Heaps of Hugs,


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