Yum Yums and Macaroons...

Every so often I need my sugar hit and macaroons just hits the spot!!!! :D
As many times I'd failed at making creme brulee, I failed just as many times making macaroons! Both are my favourite desserts and to me, they go hand in hand as one requires only egg yolks while the other requires only egg whites. Therefore, it only makes sense to make macaroons followed by creme brulee...

I never thought macaroons were that difficult to perfect and yes, I'm pleased to say while I've perfected my creme brulee, at the same time, I have also perfected my macaroons after the 10th attempt!! Though it doesn't look as nice but, if I must say so myself, I think they taste just as nice as those purchased from the Lindt cafe! (and DH even agrees) ;D
For recipe, click here.


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