bringing back Petals...

Please meet my new bear "Sniffles"...he's all wrapped up and ready for Winter!!! I'm already starting to feel the cold despite the hot weather we've been having the past few weeks so wants to make sure this young fella is keeping warm :D You probably recognize Sniffle's design and you'll be right. He's created from my "Petal" pattern, one of my very early designs. Sniffles has just been listed on my website. Have a wonderful weekend! :D


  1. Even though here in Michigan we're heading from winter to spring... Sniffles is still VERY appropriate... when the weather changes here, everyone catches a cold!!!!!

    He's *really* cute :)

  2. oh... His really adorable with that hat of his... it still feels a little like winter/spring but u know me, a little cold, i think it's winter! hehehe

    Hi Heather! hehehe


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