Chick Chick!

I'm so thrilled to be able to finally present my two girly chicks!! Please meet "Goldie" (left) and "Trinket" (right). Am really enjoying this design and especially dressing them up like little girls. Someone has asked for their dress pattern so that they can give their own large chickadee a pillowcase dress too. Stay tuned, I will make the pattern and instructions available very shortly. Goldie and Trinket has just been listed in my shop and are now ready for adoption. Just click here to visit my shop. Please remember to refresh your browser to pick up the updates! :D


  1. Hi Jenny, as always your girls are delightful. Please visit my blog, I have sent you a Sunshine Award.

    Pat xx

  2. Thank you so much Pat!!! I'm going to pop over now!! Yippee


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