Easter 2010!

With Easter just a little more than a week away, my fingers have been busy creating Easter bunnies!! Please meet from left to right is "Shiruko", "Azuki" and "Dipity", they've just been listed on my website and are very much looking forward to hunting Easter eggs with their new families.


  1. Gosh, Esther fingers are fast! hahaha I was too late for Azuki... gosh, there really adorable!!

  2. Your Easter bunnies are supremely adorable! ♥

  3. Thank you Ming and Laura!
    Ming: Yes, Esther was extremely fast, I was still listing them when she emailed to reserve. Am so happy they found a home so quickly and plenty of time before Easter. Now they can help hide the Easter eggs for the children to find! :D

  4. so so supersweet! ;0) love them all so much

  5. So looks like I need to start to refresh my browser every 30mins to get the latest listing update! lol...

    Congrats Esther :D


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