** The Jenny Bear Blog!! **

Today, I'm unofficially launching my new blog...
For those who are familiar with my bears, "Jenny Bear" now has her own label and Blog!! Sharing her blog with her will be some of her closest friends. The "Jenny Bear" blog won't be officially launched until early 2011 where there will be giveaways, news and events about "Jenny Bear" and her BFFs...BUT, you can get in early to get the scoop on "Jenny Bear" and follow her on her new blog at: http://jennybear-and-friends.blogspot.com/. You can also join her newly created Facebook page :D

"Jenny Bear" ~ Creating smiles with her cheerful character, a wondrous imagination and her playful adventures!! ~


  1. Thanks Ruth!! Hope you enjoy the blog :D

  2. It´s really nice Jenny ! Congratulations !!!

  3. Thank you Lia! It's early stages yet but there will be lots more posts and news in the new year! So please stay tuned :D


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