A new friend?...

Who's this little girl I hear you ask! :D Please allow me to introduce "Tipady" Rabbit, one of Jenny Bear's best friends and yap, she's a silky white rabbit with very long bunny ears!!! Jenny Bear and Tipady has many common interests, both outgoing and always loves an adventure. This "Tipady" Rabbit is not available for adoption as she will be heading to HK.
I've been busy with custom orders recently and therefore have not had many bears available at my shop. If you are interested in ordering a "Tipady", please drop me an email. Hopefully, I'll have more creations to show you in the coming weeks. :D


  1. What a pretty little rabbit. Beautiful colours!
    Susan x

  2. awww I LOVE her :) I'm having a bunny giveaway on my Blog if you want to hop along. Hugs, Catherine x

  3. such a sweet little girl!
    best wishes

  4. Thank you everyone!! Am glad you like her...will have another one to show you soon :D

  5. Tipady you are so beautiful, your soft white fur reminds me of my bunny Whisper!
    Jenny, hi hunni, look forward to seeing your new creations in the months ahead they always make me smile in my heart
    kat xox


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