*:: Farewell my Frosty ::*

In my earlier post I mentioned I was 'Spring' cleaning and am looking for new homes for my private collection of bears...well, my dear Frosty has been with me since he was born in 2005 has now found a new home and though I'm a little sad to let him go, I'm trully happy that he has found a very sweet new mummy and is on his way to a really nice place to call home...here's a message from his new mum I'll like to share with you...

Dear Jenny,
Frosty has just been Adopted! He will have a Beautiful home in our log cabin on a lake here in South Carolina. He will be Cherished Forever. I still can't believe he is mine. I fell head over heals in love with his sweet face! You have a true gift to be able to create such loving friends. Thank You So Much! Have a safe trip my Frosty!


aahh...he's such a lucky boy! Thank you so much Kathleen! :D