*:: Who's the scruffy bear? ::*

I've been taking it a little easy sewing bears the past week and have been feeding my recent baking addiction instead. The weekend was spent baking my favourite Japanese cottonsoft cheesecake...if you're a cheesecake lover like myself, then you'll love this, it's light as a feather and very delicious too. I do love the rich and creaming New York style cheesecakes but after a big meal, this one doesn't make one feel too gluttonous. If you like the recipe, just click here to visit my "Jennylovestoeat" blog which is a collection of my favourite recipes.

As well as baking and eating, I did manage to complete a little friend...
Please meet my latest bear "Scruffy" from my "Petals" pattern.

"Scruffy" has just been listing on my website and is now looking for a new home. For lots more photos and adoption details, please visit my shop or click here to take you straight there! Now I will be working on a custom order and then more new creations for you. Hope you have a great week ahead @^-^@