🐒 my little helper 🐒

Good Morning Everyone!!!  

I have a little helper with me today!! 😀
Daniel has come down with a cold and will be staying home with me, hopefully just for the day.  Our aim is to get him all good and well before the weekend so that he can go to his friend's Super Hero Birthday Party. 🎉🎁 We can't miss that...he's going to be Spider Man! 🕷🕸

It was nice and bright despite the heavy rain this morning so I quickly took the opportunity to take some photos of my new Jenny Bear.  As you can see, just like my Walter before, Daniel can't help himself and wants to be in all the photos...

Daniel: "Awww...she's soooo cute!" 

With Daniel's help, we put this combination of colours together.  I must say, I like my boy's style! LOL

This Jenny Bear has just been spoken for but I thought I'll still share these photos with you.  I hope you like this look Daniel and I put together.  I've recruited him to be part of my design and creations team! 😂 Although, he's always a little sad when they go to their new homes and always gives them a hug Good-Bye....sigh, just LOVE this boy to bits!

Hope you have a beautiful day, it's scaringly windy here but it's going to be an awesome day! I get to spend the whole day with my boy. 😊


Weather: 🌧💨🌤