🐰🐰 and it's another...BUNNY! 🐰🐰

Hi All,

I just can't shake it! I'd caught the bunny fever since Easter and I JUST CAN'T SHAKE IT!!!! MY new creation...is a BUNNY! LOL

Please meet "SUGAR POP", she's as sweet as candy and an adorable little girl who loves to play.
SUGAR POP is AKA "LION ROAR", Daniel's name for her, it was that or Pippi! Hehe
I'm going to call her SUGAR POP and she's now ready for a new home.  SUGAR POP has just been listed in my Etsy shop.  To take you straight there and for more details just click here. 🐇

Alice Fever is upon us again with the new release of "Alice Through The Looking Glass" coming to the cinemas soon.  I must say, I do love the Alice theme and I already have my next design in mind.  Please don't be surprised, it's going to be another BUNNY!!😝As always, thank you for visiting and stay warm!xx
Weather: 🌧🌤☔️


  1. Oh!!! she is truly so adorable and sweet~ I can't wait for the Alice movie too!!


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