getting ready to do it again..

Hi All,

I'm back!! It's been absolutely freezing here in Melbourne.  I was warned that pipes inside houses had burst due to the freezing water in the pipes.  I was afraid I would come back to a flooded house. Thankfully,  DH had the good sense to turn off all the mains before we left and we had used what was in the pipes for last minute toilet runs and washing our hands.  He would say that was sheer 'dumb' luck!!! LOL

Thank you for your orders while I was away!! All orders has now been proceeded and sent today.  Thank you all for your patience! ❤️

I always get so inspired after being away but this time, instead of relaxing and just lay like a broccoli,  my holiday was filled with rides, Zoos, aquariums, museums, swimming and lots of listening to "Transformers" talk...Bumblebee..blah blah blah..Optimus Prime..blah..Autobots..blah!  Who can keep up!???  I really didn't understand a lot of it but as long as my little one thinks I do, that's more important! tee heee

Now I just need a little nap before hitting the ground running again...nite nite all and when I wake, I shall have some new creations for you! :D