Let's hibernate still!

It's the last month of Winter and boy am I pleased about that!! It's been so icy cold and I'm certain, Melbourne is getting colder and colder each Winter.  I still remember the days when I just wore skirts, a pair of tights and a jumper to school.  Now I'm rugged up in four layers of clothing, thick jacket and scarf and I can still feel the cold cutting through to my skin...my friends tell me it's age! 🤔🙄 I could just well be!! LOL

Well for August's Wallpaper is Belle and the bears having a little sleep over...  

Belle: Mummy said no sleep overs...but a nap in the afternoon doesn't count!" yawwwwnn....
Jenny Bear: It's not really a sleep over if you're going to sleep Belle! We're suppose to whisper, have pillow fights, tell secrets and giggle all night..

Hehe..I hope you enjoy their little stories, to download, just click on their photo! :D