Make Everyday Count ~ October Wallpaper

I'm a couple of days late with October's wallpaper I know.  Time as always is getting the better of me,  especially losing an hour to "day light savings"!  I really wish this silly idea gets abolish!  

The school holidays is turning out to be busier than I'd thought.  Since the warmer and brighter days of Spring has arrived, I'm feeling a lot more energetic to spend more time outdoors.   I have to say, I'm feeling a little stretched having planned too much, tidying up the garden,  cleaning the house, going to the movies, going to the theatres, birthday parties and of course spending quality time with me boy when it is just us two.

Needless to say, not as much sewing as I'd thought I would do having more time off work too.  The girls are still waiting for me to finish the kimono..yikes!  

Well being late is better than never right?  I've just finished October's wallpaper.  I hope it gives you a feeling of Spring despite the unpredictable weather, especially in Melbourne.

That is it for me today, am having a hard time keeping my eye lids opened.  Couldn't get to sleep till early hours of the morning.  I spoke to 5 people today who also couldn't get to sleep last night...I blamed it on 'day light' savings'! oh wait...was there a full moon last night? ;D

Have an awesome month everyone!


  1. oh!!! love this composition :) I don't know why, but reminds me of labyrinth maze which i love <3
    Thanks for the wallpaper again ^^

    1. So glad you like it Ming!! ❤️❤️❤️


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