it's an organised mess...

I have so many things going on at the same time, and my neat and tidy studio only lasts a couple of days before it becomes what I call "an organised mess"... its probably time to tidy up again but not before I finish my kimono for @mirustudios.

This weekend,  I managed to finish the kimono for @mirustudios' Seraphine.  My other two girls has been waiting for a tea part to celebrate Spring and so we shall have one real soon now that Seraphine has her own Kimono.

I'm loving the simpleness of this kimono.  I've had this fabric for probably almost 10 years.  I've been saving it for something special and I think this is pretty special.  I hope you like it as much as I do but more importantly I hope Ming from @mirustudios likes it more! :D 

Ok, no more procrastination...time to tidy! Have an beautiful day everyone! ❤️


  1. She is indeed special and thank you!!! I'm lost for words.. hey Seraphine, leave some food for me! :D


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