Ted: Let's go for a walk Belle, you look awfully smart today!

I wanted a go at making a Jacket for my Blythe dolls and the last couple of nights I've been too excited to sleep and wanted to finish this little Jacket for Belle so, I've been burning the midnight oil for the past couple of nights with my newly acquired reading glasses!  Needless to say, I'm looking like this ⬇︎ in the mornings... LOL!

I'm super happy with the finish, it was quite fiddly sewing something so tiny, how do miniature artists do it, it just amazes me! I have a total new found respect for them.

This morning, I sprang out of bed and dressed Belle in her new Jacket..I really love the colour combination and I think she does too..I know, it's hard to tell with Belle's forever sad frown. 

Ted: "Let's go for a walk Belle, you look awfully smart today!"

I've had this fabric for years and was passed down to me from my mum.  You might remember I used it once for one of Jenny Bear's pillowcase dress.  

This fabric brings back lots of warm memories of my pinafore dress my mum made for me when I was a little girl.  I really wish I had a photo of me in the dress...
I've had a few enquiries already for the jacket and have decided to take pre-orders.  I have limited pink/white polka dot fabric used in the lining hence have limits the pre-order to 6 for now.

A Pre-Order listing has just been created in my Etsy shop.  Please allow 1-2 weeks to complete and ship from time of order.  Here is the link to order: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/584156277/pre-order-blythe-jacket-by-jenny-lee-of?ref=shop_home_active_1 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions!