A nightie fit for a night garden fairy!

Please meet my new girl Lila...she's not quite ready for her new home yet but I have created a special nightie for her...afterall, she's a night garden fairy who likes to come out to play under the stars and big oak trees and dance amongst the fireflies...

Lila's pink lace nightie/dress alone is available so your gorgeous Blythe girls can sleep in a nightie fit for a garden fairy!! I've just listed one in my Etsy shop. Pre-orders are also welcome. 

Thank you all for you visiting my page and for your follows! Hope to bring you more creations in 2018!
It's been a long but productive day in the JLB studio, hope it was a good day for you too! Time to get some shut eye now..tomorrow is a new day to make more memories! 
Good night all.. :D