Sneak peek

It really has been a loooooooooooooooong time since I last designed and made a new 'normal' bear. I've taken my Puddles pattern and have revamped it...Am reeeally happy with the new pattern. She's not quite ready yet but here's a sneak peek!!
I've been blessed and have come across three Angel's this week so it was only natural that I should name her "Angel"...


  1. Angel is a real cutie, love her feet :) Catherine x

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for your lovely message.
    I do like the Japanese fabric used in conjunction with mohair!! =)
    There are lots of beautiful Japanese fabric out there! :D
    Thank you again,
    Beary Hugs,

  3. oh my goodness all these bears/toys are soooo cute and unique!!!! very special!! i'm so buying some patterns!!!


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