Caylee ~ King Charles Cavalier puppy girl

Please meet my new puppy "Caylee"!! She is 16cm/6 inches tall and is created from beautiful white and dark brown dense wavy mohair. She has pink short dense inner ears and I've lightly shaded her outer ears with a dark tone of grey to give her that Cavalier look! Caylee has large black German glass eyes and a little black embroidered nose. She is filled with pollyflock and her feet also contains stainless steel shots to give her weight so she won't topple over when sitting by your side. Caylee is now available for adoption directly from my website :D


  1. She´s adorable!!!
    Too tender, hope little Caylee girl find the best home, I´m so sad I can´t be her owner...
    What about Walter??

  2. Oh my goodness Jenny! She is too cute for words!


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