*:: Watching over Daniel ::*

Hanson's eager waiting is over and he has been intently sitting by Daniel's side and watching over him while he sleeps. It's just over a week being home and our new routine has started to settled though with much less sleep. Motherhood sure is hard work so hats off to all stay at home mums out there! :D I'm slowing trying to get back into the JLB routine too however I've already noticed the little changes in Daniel and how fast he is growing in such a short time. I will emphasize 'slowly' as I wouldn't want to miss these special moments where I can never get back! :-) Thank you everyone for your well wishes and your patience with your orders and replies, I shall have new bears and hopefully new designs shortly! :D

Please meet our new little (big) boy Daniel, born 28/2/11 at 5.14am weighing 9.3lbs!


  1. Hey Jenny! I was wondering when you were going to post a picture of the little one! So precious indeed!

    And I look forward to your new designs! Can't wait! :D

  2. He is gorgeous, peek a boo!

  3. Warmest congratulations on the safe arrival of your very special latest creation! He is a beautiful baby. I'm sure the bears will wait patiently till you have more time. Enjoy your little one and take it easy. x

  4. What a sweet baby! Congratulations!

    Enjoy all the moments with him,they grow fast!


  5. Congratulations, Jenny!!! He's absolutely gorgeous!! I'm so glad every one is happy and healthy. Enjoy these tiring, but precious days. The bears can wait.


  6. Oh congratulations Jenny! What a gorgeous little baby boy. I wish you all the joy in the world with him.

    Pat xx

  7. Awww, what a gorgeous little man!! Love that sweet little face. He IS a big boy!! When I adopted my daughter at 11 months she was only 16 lbs- he's over 1/2 way there :)
    Enjoy every single second, it does go by too fast!

  8. oh jenny, he's so cute!!!! beautiful long black hair too!!! haha...

  9. congrats and what a cutie...yes they grow up way too fast...enjoy each and every moment...

    Jan Marie

  10. Dear All,
    Thank you so much for your warm wishes! I'd never imagine myself being a mummy before this and it is still a bit surreal at times but it is definitely a nice feeling and these times seems too short already!

  11. What a cute baby! Congratulations Jenny! xo

  12. congratulations! he's beautiful :) things over here at the toki cafe have been stressful and gloomy but this makes my heart jump for joy. so happy!

  13. Jenny, I congratulate all my heart!
    Perfect !!!!!

  14. Congratulations! All the happiness for the little baby and his proud parents!!

  15. Just stopped by to see your latest bear news and what a lovely surprise to read about your newest arrival - Daniel is SO beautiful!!!
    and I send you and he lots of wishes & kisses
    Kat xoxo


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