*:: Spring Cleaning? ::*

Is it Spring yet?? As you know I'm not much for the cold weather and Winter has not even arrived in Melbourne but I'm already dreaming of Spring and cherry blossoms...
Next week, Daniel is turning 3 months (ahh..how time flies and even faster with a baby!) and I'm yet to get ready his nursery so that he can have his own room. Therefore, some Spring cleaning is required especially now that I no longer have my sewing room and am giving up some of my bears from my private collection. In the next few weeks, I will slowing say good bye to some of my bears and list them here to find them a new home.

Today, I'm looking for a new home for "Gloria" whom I purchased personally from the lovely bear artist Ann Marie of Anne Marie's Original Candy Bear at a teddy bear show back in 2006. "Gloria" is a sweet bear, her mohair was hand dyed by Anne Marie which really attracted me to "Gloria". Her gorgeous 'antique' style dress is also designed and created by Anne Marie using lace and antique buttons. If you like to give "Gloria" a new home, please click on the adopt button below. Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding "Gloria" :D

Adoption fee is $85.00 plus $25 postage and insurance Worldwide