❤ Sweet Cravings ❤

I've been having such a sweet craving lately and thankfully has been really in the mood for baking again. Though I've always had a sweet tooth, when I was carrying Daniel, I only craved for healthy foods like salads and orange juice. My friends tell me it was because I'm carrying a boy, they all craved for sweets when they were carrying girls. Hmm..perhaps that sweet tooth is fighting backing with a vengeance from being suppressed for so long! lol
To make my weekend more special, I made a vanilla slice to enjoy and boy even with my sweet tooth craving, I think I might have over done it with the sweetness! I can't say I'm regretting it as it was very yummy if I may say so myself! tee hee...my waist line might not be too happy with me though! If you like a taste of my vanilla slice, you can visit my food blog for the recipe here. Spoil yourself and enjoy!