Remember my old friend MOMO? I've just received more of his mohair so now I can offer you
25% off MOMO's complete kit! MOMO is approximately 23cm standing and he wears this gorgeous colour pile sparse mohair. If you like to take advantage of this month's special (until mohair is sold out), just look on the right side bar to order. The monthly specials are only available from my blog and not website and as always, feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Am so enjoying the Spring weather, Mum's just potted 20 pots of petunias for my balcony and I can't wait for them to bloom...going to sit outside and watch them grow! LOL Hopefully I'll have some photos of my cascading petunias to show you in the next few weeks.
Have a super day everyone and thank you for stopping by! :D