November Wallpaper ~ out in the garden

I absolutely LOVE Spring, LOVE LOVE LOVE it! There is no doubt it is my favourite season; everything that was dormant has come back to life! The birds are out singing their songs, enjoying the warmth after such a long cold Winter.  Spring really celebrates the beginning of life and not to mention the new growth in my garden and all is blooming bright and beautiful! :D

I'd decided to bring Jenny Bear and Pooch with me to work. We had a few quiet moments together in the garden during my break and I managed to take some photos for next month's wallpaper.  Jenny Bear loves getting her photos taken and even built up quite a crowed during her photo shoot! LOL

Here is November's wallpaper for you, I hope you like it and most of wall, hope you have a great month in November! :D

Oh just a gentle reminder, you have two more days left before the competition finishes..what will your simple pleasure be for the day??

Have a good one! :D