and the WINNERS are...
If life is a race
And there is an end
It is not who reaches the end first
Who wins
The winners
Are those
With patience
Who take their time
Who get out of other's way
Who do not brag or boast
If they are ahead
Who help those who have fallen
Get up
Who forgive others
Who have trampled them
Who inspire others
To keep moving forward
Those are the true winners
In the end

by Jodie Dee McGuire

I'd just discovered Jodie Dee McGuire's world on Flickr and WOW, what inspiration she provides!! Her photos are amazing with brilliant and inspirational quotes! It's all just so beautiful, please check it out when you get the chance. I bet she will make you smile! :D

I hope you've been excited as I have been, JLB's 10th birthday competition is now closed and the winners are...
First Price: Heather Segovia I also love taking a moment to enjoy my JLB Bear and Doll World. Brings great happiness to surround myself with cuteness and innocence! :D

Second Price: Sherroy Archie Lately, it's been sitting in bed watching the series bones with my Dog, Pandora and two cats, Ashes and Cleo.

Third Price: Tracey J Harris Buying a cappachino and just taking 5 mins out of everyday life just to sit somewhere quiet and relax

CONGRATULATIONS Heather, Sherroy and Tracey!! I will be in touch shortly to send you your gifts :D

Thank you all for taking the time to enter my competition and for your beautiful comments.  I hope you continue to have a simple pleasure moment each day! Thank you again and have a beautiful day! :)