Jenny Bear meets Belle & Pink πŸ’•

Hi All,

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas day and have had these few days to recover.  As for me, I'm still celebrating. For some reason, most of my friend's (and mine) birthdays are between Christmas and New Years and the party doesn't stop until after the New Year!  I've conceded that I'm no longer as young nor do I have the energy to PARTY ON like the days of old! LOL

Today, I've decided to give myself some ME time and get my butt in order so I can hit the ground running for the start of 2017 then I will slowly run out of fuel and do a lot of catching by mid-year and miserable falling behind by the year end! hehe...

I've just created JLB's January's wallpaper.  It's "Jenny Bear meets Belle & Pink"!  My JLB family is growing from bears to now dolls.  I hope to bring you more designs in the new year and new patterns and kits too!  Hope you enjoy seeing them on your screen and they help brighten up your days!

Have a safe and Happy New Year in 2017!! Thank you all for your follows and your AWESOME support in 2016.  Looking forward to hearing from you in the New Year! πŸ’—