fairies are all around...

With my inspiration bucket topped up, I managed to finish the face up on my No.9 Blythe girl.  I haven't got a name for her yet but she's definitely a night garden fairy that pop ups in the middle of the night and feast and dance under the moon lit sky and bright twinkling stars.
Hopefully before the weekend arrives, she'll wake and I'll be able to show you her dancing eyes.  There's still more work to be done before she's finished.  Her pink lace dress and of course her very own guardian Angel furry friend.

It's 38 degrees tonight and I don't think many people will be able to get much sleep with the heat.  It's almost midnight, I wonder if the fairies will come out to party tonight,  their ice cream might melt! heck, I'm starting to melt while typing this in bed! LOL

shhhh..I think I can hear them...fairies are all around us! 💗