Adélie 🌺

Introducing my latest Custom Blythe girl "Adelie" ~
This is the late 17th century and Adélie, the youngest of a wealthy noble family, loves the company of animals and only a handful of adults. She doesn't care much for keeping dirt from her dresses or stockings getting torn as she spends much of her time down on the kitchen floor playing with the cats and kittens who has taken shelter there and had settled by the hearth to keep warm.

I'll feed and take care of you as long as you leave the mice alone!" she would tell them in a stern voice. "...the mice needs shelter and food too" she continues as she tears small pieces of bread and cheese and place them outside each tiny crack between the kitchen floor and wall.Loving, sweet and kind, she's much loved by all members of the household, especially the servants who loves to pamper to her quirky habits and gentle heart. 

Adelie is now looking for a new home. Please visit for larger photos and adoption details. Thank you for checking in and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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