Welcome to 2019!

Happy New Year All!! 

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season with your loved ones and am ready for 2019!  I know it came and went very quickly and totally forgotten about January's wallpaper.

During the holidays I didn't get much opportunity to spend in my studio and instead had quality family time and catching up with good friends.   Hence I didn't manage to take many photos of new creations but I hope you like this one...

Just before the Christmas breaks,  I managed to complete and make a lovely selection of toy cakes and sweet using a piping kit I had purchased during my Japan travels back in June.   It was so much fun and now my bears and dolls can have tea parties every day! 

Not much can make my Belle smile but I bet she can't wait to get her teeth into the macaroons! LOL

Puchi: smile Belle, there's lots to smile about here..teee heee.... I thought Christmas had came and gone...we're still celebrating?  I need to watch my waste! hhhmmmm.. lick lick lick 

For a larger version of the wallpaper, please visit my flickr account to download your free copy here:

Thank you for your support of another year!  I hope in 2019, it is going to be your best year yet! ❤️