Easter must be around the corner!

I've been playing catch up this past month and have been busy working on custom orders of chickadees...Easter must be coming!!!!   Here are some of my custom chicks, though they've already found their new mummies, I still like to share them with you.  

I absolutely love working with Japanese felted mohair.  It's so soft and the colours are just wonderful!! I also like that they have a strong backing which doesn't tear easily when I'm stuffing!

This pink chickadee fabric is a Japanese sparse mohair, again, the colour is gorgeous and I love that the backing is nice and strong to work with.

The above large chickadees are adopted however,  if you missed out on them, feel free to message me and I can custom make them for you.   You can also make your own chickadees, my patterns are easy to follow and are suitable for beginners.   Also, I have only a few more kits available but if you have some gorgeous fabrics you want your chickadee to wear, the e-pattern is always available for instant download.   Here are the links to the kits and patterns.

Below are two new little chickadees I'd just finished today and are now ready for adoption.  

For more photos and information, please follow the link:

I'm terribly sorry about April's wallpaper, though almost half the month is gone, I hope you can still enjoy the rest of the month looking at my two blue chickadees.

For a better resolution of April's wallpaper, please visit my flickr page to download:-

I may be a little quiet for the rest of the month as I'm still working on custom orders but I will have some chickadee bonnets in the shop soon! :D

Have a great month and HAPPY EASTER ALL,  go spoil yourselves with chocolate! :D