weee're back!!! πŸ€—

We're back!!
Thank you all for your patience and all emails will be answered in the next couple of days, just still getting over my jet lag!!! It always feels good to be back home and I've missed you all!

I haven't forgotten about July's wallpaper!  Belle here is sewing up a storm and trying to stock up shop again...

Puchi: "Belle, you're sewing up a real mess...I hope you're going to tidy up after yourself!" Belle: "thats what I have you for Puchi!"...For a larger copy of this month's wallpaper, please visit my flickr at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/22546523@N03/48260929012/in/dateposted-public/feel free to share, it's FREE!! :DI hope July will be a good month for you, half the year is over and only 6 more months to make 2019 a good year. ❤️