busy bee...

This is Ami and each day she would sit by the window looking at the flower box waiting for Mr. Bee to come and collect the sweet nectar from her pretty flowers. Busy Mr. Bee has no time to stop and chat but that's okay Ami said, "I'll just be here to keep you company!"...she would sing and tell him stories and some days she would sit quietly and just watch him work, hoping to make his work a little lighter and his day just a little better :D
More photos of Ami can be seen from her webpage and she is now waiting for adoption. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions :D


  1. what a lovely story Jenny =D ... i love this new bear as well and with those cute strawberry feet ^_^... each is sooooo sweet and huggable sigh....

  2. Es preciosa y las palabras también.



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