Kimono fabric

I've been meaning to make a bear wearing kimonos for a while but I'm finding it hard to get started...mainly because I'm not very confident in making clothes and to make a kimono(?) to say the least, is a bit daunting for this bear maker! I'm starting to understand how people feel when they say they're afraid to cut the mohair in case they make a boo boo..I feel the same way about beautiful fabrics! I get so inspired when I see beautiful materials so to give myself a push, I went out to shop for pretty kimono fabrics and I stumbled upon this beautiful piece!!! I especially love this one because of the cherry blossoms ( I LOVE cherry blossoms)!!

I'm told traditionally, kimonos are made from strips of panels, sewn together to create the kimono. The strips of fabric are 38cm wide but are very long. I have a limited supply and they are also available from my website, just keep scrolling down and you'll see it :D All pieces are 1m measuring 38cm x 100cm. If you like a longer piece please let me know and I can cut a larger piece instead.