woof woof!

awww..I just love how this little pup turned out..not quite a Walter I'd planned but is a "Dixie" instead. Couldn't help myself with those pink ribbon trims (lucky for Walter)!! LOL
Dixie is my first puppy design modeled on my forever puppy Walter, a King Charles Cavalier. She is 16cm/6 inches created from dense wavey mohair in blenheim colours. She has a little brown spot on her back and a little brown tail. Dixie has large black German glass eyes and a little black embroidered nose. Her feet are filled with steel shots and pollyflock. Dixie is very cute wearing a little diamante letter "D" around her neck..."D" is for "Dixie" of course! hehe
Walter is so curious about her and have already assumed the big brother role. Watching her every move and each tiny step, ready to catch her in case she stumbles on her unsteady paws! :D
Dixie is currently being listed on ebay for a 5 day auction until the 8th of December. Here is the link to take you straight to her auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360113296833


  1. oh Jenny, you did walter justice! Is this how cute walter look as a puppy? really adorable... oh.. =D


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