Sayuri さ ゆ り

Inspired by one of my favorite novels, Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha", I'm so excited to bring you my latest creation "Sayuri"...gentle and sweet just like the heroine.
Sayuri is approximately 26cm/10.5 inches tall and is created from quality Shulte sparse mohair with a golden blonde pile on rich yellow strong backing. Sayuri is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints and have large black German glass eyes. I've given her a little light brown embroidered nose and lightly shaded her rosey cheeks in pink. Sayuri is filled with quality polyflock stuffing and her feet contains a combination of steel shots and glass beads to help her stand on her own so that she can show off her pretty summer kimono "Yukata".

Sayuri's yukata is made by me using a traditional yukata pattern that I'd drawn up from my own Yukata. She loves to sing and dance and may yet to be a Geisha!? :D
Sayuri is now available for adoption from my website.
Sayuri have now found a new home with Rachael in the UK.


  1. Hey there Jenny,
    I am purchasing your "boots" the kitty kit..he is just too yummy for words..I want to try my hand with mohair and want to know where the best places are to purchase the mohair.(I live in the US)..and do I need any special tools to work with the making it more sparse in places etc...thank you again...Happy new year!


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