Baby yellow elephant
loves fairy tales
have no one to read him stories
so he's learning how to read instead!

Please meet my latest baby elephant "Trumpet"... Trumpet is a new design and he is approximately 17cm/7 inches standing.Trumpet is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints and have tiny black German glass eyes with big rosey cheeks! He wears very beautiful dense mohair in a lovely soft yellow colour and is very silky and soft to the touch. His inner ears and footpads are made from Japanese linen fabric with lots of cute little "bugs" printed on it. Trumpet is filled with quality dense pollyflock and his feet contains a combination of glass beads and lead free steel shots to weight him down so he won't topple over when reading his story books.
Trumpet is now available for adoption from my website and his pattern will be available shortly :D


  1. he's a cutie! all your little creatures are!

  2. He's the cuties little elephant ! Thanks for playing along with my challenge.


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