busy bee part II

busy bee at JLB's part I
Last week I mentioned I was working on a custom order of 18 anime bears. I decided to make them in three sets of 6 as making all 18 in one hit would most likely send my body into shock... my fingers and hands (especially my right one) would not be too happy with my brain for deciding to do so either! hehe

When sewing my bears, I don't like to stop and think about how the finish bear will look unless I'm head butted by 'disaster'! Therefore, before I start cutting, the design and its details have already been decided...all stored inside my head. In this case, I want to know how each of the anime bears look like so that I can hit the mohair snipping as apposed to hit the floor running!? tee hee. I can store 6 individual designs comfortably but 18...well, despite what I like to think, unfortunately my brain just isn't all that big!

Here is my second set of six anime bears and bunnies, I hope when I finally finish all 18, they will all complement each other :D