A garden for Walter...

Have been wanting to create a garden on my balcony for Walter for a loooooooong time...well, ever since we got him 3 1/2 years ago! Just never got around to it because I never knew what to plant or how to make it look nice without taking too much space! You can probably guess I don't have a green thumb!

My dear mum gave me three window boxes, two filled with beautiful petunias and the other a herb...errr..can't remember what it is...It's probably not a good time to start my city garden due to the heatwave we've been experiencing (40-45 degrees for the past 8 days) but nevertheless, it sure is lovely to finally have some life on my balcony and I think Walter is loving it too...though we have to make sure he doesn't lift his leg up against the herbs! lol

It's not quite complete yet but I'm now very inspired to finish it. Will update here with my progress and Thanks Mum! :D


  1. How pretty Jenni! I'm sure Walter loves it! I always wanted a Cavelier.
    Thanks for the lovely calendar wallpaper by the way - i've got it on mine!

  2. hello !
    I love plants and I would so have a balcony! but I have a small garden in the countryside and I love her dearly .

    it seems to me that your plant ( "erb" hihihi) is a lavender, no ?

    in any case your little dog on the photo does not seem too confident!

    Will there on the balcony?
    are your bears going on the balcony? ;-)
    please be lenient with my english, i use a translator on internet...

    amitiés de France,


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