I want my bear to stand!

Have always wondered how it is that teddy bears can stand without a stand to hold them up until I discovered steel shot, plastic pellets, glass beads and garnet etc.
These fillings are great for giving the bears a weighty feel. Steel shots are great especially for smaller bears because you don't need to use much to achieve it - place a little in their feet and tummy to help them sit without toppling over or use it for larger bears to help them stand confidently! Like any products I find useful and cannot do without, I try to stock them in my shop! What's better than steel shots are STAINLESS steel shots! it won't rust and no lead! I've also stocked some glass beads, I like to use glass beads for medium to large bears as I found the stainless steel shots to be a little too heavy. Also I like using glass beads for lighter colour fabrics...am going to go run my fingers through my stash of glass beads now, they're so beautiful in the sun! :D


  1. ¡¡Es precioso!! He is very cute, wonderful.

    Hugs from Spain


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