Jeandre’ and Agatha

Like a lot of my designs, this one has been on my mind for a while but it's taken me a while to put it together because I didn't have everything I wanted to make it feel complete, this include designing a new kitten for the my bear. Now that I've finally finished, I'm so please to introduce to you Jeandre’ and her little white kitten Agatha!

Jeandre’ loves to read and each day, she would carry her dear little friend in her pretty shopping bag to visit the local children's bookshop. Once there, they like to find a quiet corner to sit by themselves and Jeandre’ would quietly read stories to Agatha. One of their favourites (and mine) is "The Worst Witch" series...unbeknown to Jeandre’, Agatha secretly pretends that Jeandre’ is a witch (a good one of course) and she a witch's cat.

Agatha would make a wish out loud for a plate of cold milk then quickly shut her eyes tight until it 'magically' appears in front of her before she would open her eyes again, totally ignoring the fact that Jeandre’ had reached into her bag and took out a cold bottle of milk and poured it into a plate for her! lol

Both Jeandre’ and Agatha have found their new home in QLD, Australia. available for adoption and many more of their photos can be seen from their webpage.


  1. oh Jenny, they are so adorable.. i so enjoy the story you wrote.. i love the cat!

  2. They are perfect sweetness! I love them all!


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