March 2009 Wallpaper

One more day before month end crept up on me today and this morning, I frantically thought about JLB's wallpaper for March...I should remember by now February is a short month!
Although Valentine's day has long passed, I don't believe Cupid ever goes out of style ;-) and this was one of my favorite photos (and I've been told yours too) during the month of Feb. Therefore, Cupid has been tagged as my new "pin up" bear for March 2009 and his wallpaper is now available for download here :D


  1. Thank you so much! I love that little bear! :o)

  2. Thank You for the lovely wallpaper...My daughter Mazzy would have turned 6 this March 25th...So this wallpaper is very fitting for this month. A Teddy Bear Angel for my little angel....



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