My valentine bear for 2009 is cupid...who puts on his wings come every 14th of Feb, taking much pleasure and of course lots of fun firing his arrows at passers by. Even better still he has a good excuse to do so...just because it's VALENTINE'S day!! :D
Cupid is looking a little sad in this photo because this year, he has to sit Valentine's day out since he has lost his bow. With the excitement of the coming Valentine's day, he took out his bow and arrows early to play with them. Now he doesn't remember where he has misplaced it and won't be able to pierce lovers hearts with his love arrows.

He'll just have to leave it to fate and hope that we'll pluck enough courage to tell that special someone how much we care about them.
He's still rummaging through his toy box...there still hope yet for Cupid to appear! :

Here's a little more about CUPID ::
He is created from my Blink pattern, one of my very early designs and is approximately 23cm/9 inches tall. Cupid is 5 way jointed assembled using a combination of cotter pin joints and wobbly joints giving him a wobbly head, wobbly legs which just dangles when he's being held and cuddled. Cupid wears brilliant white short dense mohair and has a tiny pink embroidered nose and black German glass eyes. He wears a pair of beautiful angle wings on his back strapped on by a ribbon and held together by a pretty diamante buckle which can be removed when he is not on CUPID duty! He has big rosy cheeks...a sign of his cheekiness!! lol
Cupid is now looking for a permanent home and he can be adopted directly from my website. (maybe his bows and arrows are waiting for him there) :D