Pink elly Ally

I needed a little break from making anime bears and bunnies so decided to make another elephant cub...I do like making bears around 8inches tall as they are not too small to fumble, especially when turning the pieces inside out like the little animes. Please allow me to introduce "Ally", my new pink elephant cub...."Ally" is created from my Trumpet pattern.
She is approximately 17cm/7 inches tall and is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints. Ally is created from this beautiful pink dense mohair. The colour is just gorgeous, one of my favourites!! I absolutely love working with this mohair, it has a strong backing and yet the pile is nice and soft. Ally has a combination of Japanese fabrics for her inner ears and footpads....little bugs whispering in her right ear and pretty pink checks in the other. A little pink snail crawling along one foot pad and pink polka dots on the other! :D

Ally has black German glass eyes and is filled with quality dense polyflock. Her feet also contains stainless steel shots to give her more weight so that she won't tumble over while sitting and of course she comes with big rosy cheeks!! :D
Ally is now available for adoption from my website.


  1. Your critters are to stinkin' cute for words!

  2. She is adorable. I'm fond of pink elephants too. Shes major cute.

  3. I found your blog today and I am so excited! You make the sweetest little animals! I'm going to enjoy spending time on your blog! Thanks!

  4. OH MY!! a pink dying from the sweetness!! she is so adorable!!!


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